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  • 08-26-2007
    • Added CBDSCrypt 1.02, updated Renegade, removed CBDS Master Code Searcher. (dlong)
  • 06-12-2007
    • Updated No$gba to 2.4b. (Dualscreenman)
  • 04-25-2007
    • Updated N64 Utils patch. (Parasyte)
    • Updated NDSConvert and Renegade. (dlong)
  • 04-20-2007
    • Added BGB. (dlong)
  • 04-19-2007
    • Added some version info. (dlong)
  • 04-17-2007
    • Added a patched version of GSCC2K2. (Parasyte)
    • Removed redundant "GSCC XP" tool (same as official release). (Parasyte)
    • Updated page to meet the latest guidelines. (Parasyte)
  • 04-12-2007
    • Fixed some of the credits. (Parasyte)
  • 04-10-2007
    • Removed tool version numbers from the menu. (Parasyte)
  • 04-10-2007
    • Fixed footer. (dlong)
    • Added UserPort. (Viper187)
    • Updated most sections, and added DC Tools. (Viper187)
    • Updated N64 Tools. (Viper187)
    • Fixed some tool names. (Viper187)
  • 04-09-2007
    • Updated the footer. (dlong)
    • Standardized the Menu and required sections. (Parasyte)
    • Fixed the EnHacklopedia hierarchy in the navigation bar. (Parasyte)
    • Changed a few IDs to lower case. (Parasyte)
  • 04-05-2007
    • Updated links, removed version numbers, added tools. (dlong)
    • Initial Release. (dlong)


Program Description Author
NES Tools
Source code
NES Emulator with multiple code hacking features including a RAM searcher and debugger with breakpoint support Parasyte
Sebastian Porst
SNES Tools
Geiger's SNES9x
Debugger Mark 9
Modified SNES9x with debugger Michael Springer
SNES9x v1.43 SNES Emulator with RAM searcher Gary Henderson
Genesis Tools
Gens Hacking Version Modified Gens with cheat search.
Gens KMod v0.4 Modified Gens with debugger Kaneda
Gens Tracer Slightly outdated version of Gens with a nice tracer.
N64 Tools
1964 v0.99 N64 emulator. Compatible with Renegade Joel Middendorf
GS Pro N64 Crypt Tool for encrypting/decrypting the GS/AR rom for flashing with the official utils.
LemAsm v0.1 R4300i Assembler/Disassembler Lemmy
Mupen64 v0.5.1 N64 emulator. Compatible with Renegade. Hacktarux
N64 Version 3 Utilities Datel's official software for use with GS/AR Pro. Datel
N64 Version 3 Utilities Hi-Res Patch Patched utils to allow searching the hi-res memory. Also adds support for Windows NT/2K/XP (UserPort required).
Nemu v0.8 N64 emulator with debugger. Compatible with Renegade. Lemmy
Niew R4300i Assembler/Disassembler (No COP1 support) Titanik
Parasytic Cheat Search V0.01
Parasytic Cheat Search V0.02
PJ64 Plugin for RAM searching Parasyte
Perfect Trainer v1.0b An edited GS Pro rom for hacking Perfect Dark and a few other hi-res games. IceMario
Project 64 v1.6 N64 emulator. Compatible with Renegade.
Project 64 Build 52 (Debug Version) Debug version of Project64. Tons of nice features, but it lacks the most important one: BREAKPOINTS!
Official Xploder 64 Utilities The official software for use with Xploder64. Fire Internationl
PSX Tools
Caetla 0.34 With Utilities
Caetla 1.28b
Homebrew PSX cheat device ROM for flashing to old PC Comms link devices. v1.28b is a hacked version. xianaix / CMX
GSProModded Official utilities for the cartridge based GS/AR Pro with the ar3stop rom included. This allows playing backups (but not imports) without a modchip.
PCSX with Debugger PSX emulator, compatible with Renegade. Also has a debugger. Linuzappz
Playstation Utitlies for CDX Version Official utilities for the CDX based GS/AR. Datel
Playstation Version 3 Utitlies Official utilities for the cartridge based GS/AR Pro. Datel
pSX (emulator) v1.11 PSX emulator, compatible with Renegade. Has a debugger, but it's not nearly as useful as PCSX.
SSSPSX PSX emulator, compatible with Renegade.
Undatel Utility for encrypting/decrypting the PSX GS/AR Pro ROM.
DC Tools
DCcrypt Dreamcast GS/AR code encryptor/decryptor. Parasyte
GCN Tools
GCN ASM GUI GCN assembler/disassembler
GCNcrypt v1.5 GCN AR code encryptor/decryptor Parasyte
GCNrd v1.10b Gamecube memory searcher and debugger Parasyte
GCNrd GUI GUI frontend for GCNrd Kenobi
PSOload v2.0a PSO-based loader costis
SDLoad SD card-based loader costis
PS2 Tools
CB2crypt CodeBreaker PS2 code encryptor/decryptor. Works with versions up to v9.x. misfire
CodeBreaker PS2 File Utility v1.0 Utitility for converting/encrypting/decrypting files for CodeBreaker PS2. misfire
MAXConvert v0.6 Utitility for encrypting/decrypting and converting PS2 codes between formats. Parasyte
MAXcrypt v1.5 AR MAX code encryptor/decryptor Parasyte
PS2 Code Decoder Converts PS2 code between several different formats. iN tHE mIND
PS2DIS Assembler/Disassembler for use with PS2 SLUS/SLES/etc files. hanimar
GB Tools
BGB v1.12 Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator with Debugger. bgb
GBA Tools
AR Crypt v3.12 beta GS/AR code encryptor/decryptor; Code converter Kenobi
CBAcrypt Codebreaker code encryptor/decryptor Parasyte
GBAtool v1.20 CBA Master code finder, slide code expander and button code generator Code Master
VisualBoy Advance:
Hacker's Edition
GBA emulator. Modified version of VBA 1.7.2 with additional searching options. Forgotten
Hacker's Edition
Modified version of VBA-SDL 1.7.2. GBA emulator with debugger. Forgotten
NDS Tools
ARDS Pointer codes Tool Helps create ARDS Pointer codes kenobi
CBDSCrypt v1.02 Encrypts and decrypts codes for the CBDS. Also creates master codes. kenobi
Kode Garage Slide code and button code generator, code analyzer, code porter. KicKenchicKen57
NDS Convert v2.12 Converts codes between AR, CB, and Dipstar formats Dlong
NDS Tool v1.31 NDS ROM manipulator Darkfader
No$GBA v2.4b NDS Emulator; Renegade compatible. Martin Korth
Miscellaneous Tools
FloatConvert Converts floating pointer numbers between decimal and IEEE-754.
Game Genie Encoder:
Encodes and Decodes Game Genie codes for NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Gear.
Game Software Code Creator 2K2 N64 and PSX code searchers and debugger Code Master
Game Software Code Creator 2K2 VRAM Fix GSCC2K2 patched to fix the 16-Bit/24-Bit radio button problem with VRAM dumping. Code Master
Renegade v1.68 Multipurpose tool: Hooks emulators for several systems to search for codes among other things. Viper187
SearchR3 V1.0 Performs relative searches for strings Antiriad
TSearch v1.6 Tool for searching the memory of PC games. Includes a somewhat simple x86 debugger as well. Corsica Production
UserPort Driver for Windows XP/2000 to allow older programs full access of the parallel port. Thomas Franzon